7 Soccer Tips That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Soccer Tips Sometimes, little things can have a big impact. Often times, players overlook simple fundamentals that can vastly improve their game. These 7 soccer tips will have you well on your way to becoming a better player. 1. Use your arms Most players are stiff because they never learn to use their arms properly. … Read more 7 Soccer Tips That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

How to Beat a Player in Soccer

How to Beat a Player in Soccer

Beating players opens up the field. It creates new opportunities because opposing players must leave their mark to put pressure on the ball.

Beating players helps you create opportunities to shoot, cross, or pass.

You become an asset to your team when you beat opposing players consistently. You become deadly because you can create constant opportunities.

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How to Develop Vision in Soccer

How to Develop Vision in Soccer

Vision is the ability to see potential passes.

For example, a player with mediocre passing ability only sees what’s directly in front of him. He passes the ball to a forward with a defender on his back.

A player with good vision will quickly scan the field and find a better pass. He sees the forward is marked tightly, looks right, sees the right winger can’t shake his man, then looks left. He sees a hole in the defense. He passes the ball through the hole into space and the left winger runs to the ball.

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6 Steps to Follow If You Don’t Make a Soccer Team

What to do if you don't make a soccer team

Getting cut from a soccer tryout stings.

Every player feels anger, sadness, frustration, or all three emotions in the days, weeks, and months afterwards.

Getting cut from a team doesn’t have to negatively impact your career. This article covers the steps you should take after you don’t make a soccer team to turn a “failure” into a positive experience:

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Soccer Shooting Tips

Soccer Shooting Tips

Technique isn’t the only aspect of shooting you should focus on.

I constantly see players with good shots that could score more goals if they made simply tweaks to their play.

This article will cover everything important about shooting that isn’t covered in our articles How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power and Accuracy, How to Kick a Soccer Ball, and 7 Types of Soccer Shots.

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Soccer Equipment List

All players need proper soccer equipment. Players will not be able to play competitively without it. Every team requires players to provide their own equipment. Equipment provides players with the tools they need to play soccer efficiently and safely. Here is a list of required soccer equipment: Soccer Equipment List Footwear Soccer players should play … Read more Soccer Equipment List