Soccer Relieves Stress In Multiple Ways

Soccer is by far and away the most popular sport on the planet. It’s played in most countries to some degree, with many areas having their own league systems. Whatever your ability level is, soccer is a fantastic way to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and it can do so in multiple ways. Soccer and … Read more

Ready For Spring Training? How Soccer Players Can Survive Allergy Season

As spring quickly approaches, athletes are getting ready to hang their winter attire and embrace the joys of soccer season. Unfortunately, it is also the time when seasonal allergies spring into action. Based on a study of recreational runners, only 0.5% out of the 42% with reported spring allergies took prescription medication before exercise, according to the … Read more

Should You Have Caffeine Before Playing Soccer?

A recent study into the use of caffeine in sport found that three-quarters of people drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks before competing. For professional athletes, it is often an important part of their routine, providing an essential energy boost that can put them at the top of their game. It isn’t just about being able to run … Read more

Keeping Yourself Engaged With Soccer During Frozen Winters

Soccer can be played in almost all weathers, from a semi-baked pitch to a waterlogged bog. One type of weather you really shouldn’t play in is frost. Frozen pitches, especially artificial ones such as those prevalent in the US, increase injury risk substantially, according to a scientific study published in the Journal of Neurological Research … Read more

6 Steps to Follow If You Don’t Make a Soccer Team

What to do if you don't make a soccer team

Getting cut from a soccer tryout stings.

Every player feels anger, sadness, frustration, or all three emotions in the days, weeks, and months afterwards.

Getting cut from a team doesn’t have to negatively impact your career. This article covers the steps you should take after you don’t make a soccer team to turn a “failure” into a positive experience:

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How to Become Confident on the Soccer Field

How to Develop Confidence on the Soccer Field

Has this ever happened to you?

Your playing your first game for your new team. Your coach was impressed by your ability in practice so he put you in the starting 11.

A teammate passes you the ball and while it’s rolling the thoughts “I’m going to mess up” and “I can’t do this” pop into your head.

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