Overcoming the Challenges of an Up and coming Soccer Player

Soccer is an excellent sport that brings a lot of people together. Players on the field do their best to ensure spectators enjoy their experience at games and from the comforts of their homes.. That said, it’s unlikely that spectators consider the challenges that most individual players face behind the curtains. An up and coming soccer player undergoes more challenges than established players, and we’re here to break it down for you and humanize these idealistic figures we see running around the field on game day. 

1. Financial Setbacks

Most up and coming soccer players are faced with the same financial challenges as everyone else. While brand name players are lucky enough to have sponsors and lucrative contracts, most soccer players earn a heavily taxed wage with earning potential that’s comparable to any ordinary job, especially as they are coming up through the ranks.  To overcome financial constraints, get creative.  Live simply, find support from friends and family, and instead of splurging on that nice car, visit a virtual car showroom for your vehicle fix while opting for a more economical mode of transportation. Live within your means. That is the most important thing. Also – always be on the lookout for some form of sponsorship. It can come from anywhere. Your local grocery store, laundromat, or Italian restaurant are all fine options. Be creative, think positively and keep your eyes open for opportunity. Things will work out.

2. Training

Another aspect that poses a significant challenge to the up and coming soccer player is in the area of training. Proper training is essential for the success of every player. You must practice like you play. Training hard comes with intensity. It should feel like you’re playing in an actual game at times. Training, as with all things, is about what you put into it.  If you invest time, effort, energy and intention, you can expect results. Most up and coming soccer players hide behind a lack of adequate facilities or motivation as an excuse for their sub-standard training regimen.  I’m here to tell you that mindset is everything. No bench press? Do push-ups? No squat rack? Run sprints.  And remember that every good training regimen should be accompanied by appropriate nutrition.. Fuel up and get going!

3. Mental Preparedness

To most people, soccer is just a physical sport. However, soccer requires not just physical strength but also mental toughness. Players who have strong willpower go much farther in their soccer careers. Advanced players have strong mental couches and counseling, which helps put them in the right frame of mind to accomplish their goals personally and on the field.  Therapy is an incredibly powerful and highly underutilized weapon.  An up and coming soccer player should strive to have the right state of mind through regular exercise and healthy eating, and regular counseling. Soccer, as with life, can be a grind.  It will knock you down sometimes. A healthy mindset is what will keep you going. 

4. Confidence

Confidence is essential to every great player. It comes from facing challenges and overcoming them. Tackling each of the previous 3 items, financial setbacks, training and mental health, will all aid in building your confidence both as a person and a player.  Continue to face challenges. Don’t be afraid to fail. Your success will fuel your growth and outshine the failures. With every success, you will begin to experience more and more confidence.  You will begin to form new habits that will further propel you forward.

Final Thoughts

An up and coming soccer player must deal with loads of challenges that are sometimes outside  of their control. It is normal for every soccer player to experience a handful of challenges now and then. If you are an up and coming player experiencing challenges, take note of the above tips. Learn to rise above your adversities to become a better player… AND a better person.

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