Soccer Passing Drills

Passing is a skill that has to be repeated over and over.   By repeating passing with the correct technique using these drills, you are creating muscle memory.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to practice passing over and over. It’s the skill you will use the most on the pitch.

These drills will help you practice your passing. Utilize them.

Individual Passing Drills for Soccer Players

While passing obviously involves two people, there are some drills that you can use to improve passing on your own. While these drills are good, nothing beats passing with a partner. When you can, get a partner out on the pitch with you.

Drill 1: You probably do this drill without even noticing it. You simply pass the ball against a wall or some other surface where it will rebound. Peak at a target and attempt to hit it. This drill can really improve your accuracy over time.

Drill 2: This is a drill that I very rarely see performed, but it is fun and easy.

Place an object somewhere randomly. Pass a ball to it and see how near it you can get. This is about pacing, not hitting the object. A perfect pace would be landing in-line with the object.

Soccer Passing Drills to do With Partner(s)

As you can see, there are very passing drills you can do by yourself. With a partner or group, however, the amount of drills are limitless.

Drill 1: This is the drill every player knows and loves. It is very simple, doesn’t require much energy, and perfect for working on technique.

Stand a medium distance from your partner and pass. You can do one, two or three touch. To get the maximum benefit from this drill, I recommend slowing down and focusing on the technique you learned in how to kick a soccer ball.

Also focus on your first touch. Your touch should be outside of your feet, and the perfect distance so you only need to perform a small hop and pass. This takes practice, but is very important.

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Drill 2: Most of the time, you will not be standing around during games. You will be moving around the pitch while you receive the ball. This drill integrates movement.

Same thing as drill 1, only you are moving around while passing and receiving the ball. Practice sprinting into open space and receiving a pass, jogging, and walking. Pass the ball into the open space your partner is running to, focusing on providing appropriate pace, that is, don’t pass it so hard that it goes much past him, or too soft so that it goes behind him.

Drill 3: This drill models receiving the ball away from a player and passing it.

Set up two cones and space them a moderate distance apart. When you receive the ball, touch the ball either right or left. The ball must pass the cone width-wise. Then pass it to your partner.

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Triangle Drill: Passing Drills for 3 Players

This drill requires three people, and closely resembles game-like passing. Coaches always say to pass in a triangle formation because it works.

Set up in a triangle and pass. Switch up who you pass it to once and a while and focus on giving a good, accurate pass. Increase the size of the triangle as you get better.

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