Soccer Dribbling Drills

Dribbling with skill requires hours of constant practice.

It’s well worth it though. Dribbling well is one of the most satisfying aspects of soccer.

Use these drills to become a better dribbler of a soccer ball.

Soccer Dribbling Drills Using Cones

How to Set up Cones for Soccer Dribbling Drills

Advanced ball control drills usually require cones, so I recommend purchasing them before continuing.  If you don’t want to purchase cones you can use objects.

There are many different set-ups you can use for your cones, but below are some great ones.  Feel free to experiment with your own set-ups.

Standard Soccer Dribbling Drills

This is the set-up people traditionally think about when they think of setting up cones.  Put the cones in a row leaving as much space between them as you want ( I recommend starting with a large amount of space, then slowly shortening it).

You can go through the cones with any combination of touches, but I recommend also focuses on individual touches.  For instance, I would first go through however I want, but next time I would only use the outside of my foot.

Combinations also present a unique challenge.  Try to find the combination of touches that get you through the cleanest and fastest.  For example, cutting inside than outside while alternating feet work well.  The monster walk also works well.

You can also try using bigger touches.  Try going between every 2 or even 3 cones instead of just one.

Finally, you can turn so that the cones are facing you horizontally.  There are many drills you can do with that like for instance, push the ball between the two cones pull it back cut it to the next set, push it, then repeat.

Random Dribbling Drills

Lay out your cones in a completely random way. Vary the space between them and place then horizontally and vertically.

Start dribbling and whenever you near a cone, use a soccer move or turn.

This setup is great because it mimics dribbling in a game. Just like in a soccer game, defenders appear chaotically and randomly, so this drill is effective at teaching quick movements away from defenders.

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Soccer Dribbling Drills in Lanes

Set up multiple lines of cones either vertically or horizontally. These lines should have a reasonable amount of space between them and the cones should be parallel to each other.

There are a few things you can try now. You can use either a inside or outside of the foot touch to dribble across the lane. Once you reach the end, take a small touch forward then proceed the opposite direction using your other foot.

You can also use the sole. This is a fantastic way to get used to the touch.

Triangle Dribbling Drills

Arrange the cones in a triangle. You can make a big, small or medium triangle. However, you should  use relatively even space between individual cones.

Use your laces to dribble towards a cone, perform a move, then dribble to the next. A burst of speed after each move makes this drill more realistic.

Try using step-overs, rolls, the maradonna, and any other move or turn you can come up with.

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