3 Tips to Improve as a Soccer Player Training By Yourself

Many players work hard to improve their soccer game and aim to become professional soccer players. Ronaldo is the perfect example of a player that did all he could to improve his capacity, religiously following everything that his senior teammates and others were doing. At an early age he realized that following others might have … Read more

MLS vs MLX: Which is Better?

Soccer is one of the biggest sports around the world and is estimated to have 3.5 billion fans globally. Even if a country has no major league to speak of domestically, you can bet people there follow big-name competition, such as the Champions League, World Cup or English Premier League. When you think of the … Read more

Why Are Man City Struggling this Season?

Football has seen some spectacular collapses in form in the past. Remember when Leicester City went from being surprise Premier League champions one season to relegation candidates the next? But when a team with the class and track record of Manchester City fail to deliver, some serious questions need to be asked. In what is … Read more

Can the Return of Soccer Supporters to Stadiums Influence a Team’s Morale and Odds?

There’s no doubt that this year has been a challenge for the sports industry, with games being cancelled left, right and centre, players being forced to isolate and international teams being left out of league games due to travel restrictions. This has had a huge impact on teams around the world, with the NFL experiencing … Read more

Roses Rivalry Revived in December

This December will see the return of a great rivalry to the top-flight stage, with Leeds and Manchester United clashing in the Premier League for the first time in sixteen years. Teams as prolific as Manchester United seldom want for rivals, especially in the post-1992 ‘Premier League’ era of top-flight football, where the rewards for … Read more