3 Tips to Improve as a Soccer Player Training By Yourself

Many players work hard to improve their soccer game and aim to become professional soccer players. Ronaldo is the perfect example of a player that did all he could to improve his capacity, religiously following everything that his senior teammates and others were doing.

At an early age he realized that following others might have helped improve his game, but with such naturally gifted talent, this limited him to becoming the best. He became a great player by learning from other senior players. But the key to becoming extraordinary is to do things differently and train for soccer yourself.

You might have gone through intense training sessions and released sweat for hours to ace your soccer game. However, the truth is that for you to excel and become the best version of yourself; it is important to look beyond what others expect from you.

Every extra step, the extra effort you take, will mark a difference and lead to impeccable results. You are on your own in this. The only coach you have is yourself and your instinct to give the best. It might be challenging and tough, but success comes to those who survive through the tough times.

How to Train for Soccer by Yourself

Below listed are tips that you can follow to improve your soccer game by yourself!

1. Get a training program

I don’t have to emphasize much on the point of how important it is for you to get a training program. Even if you are trying to figure the best plan for yourself, you need someone who has extensive experience and can help you. Check with the training program, reviews, and their training experience before enlisting with them.

2. Watch Players In Action

If you watch players on a live stream and read about tactics in soccer news reports, you’ll be able to see how aware the players are, when to look up, what kind of passes they make, and their decision making. 101 great goals has news reports you can follow as well as advice on how to get the best live streams, and even soccer odds if you fancy a flutter. Use the streams to watch the players, train for soccer yourself, and improve your play!

3. Start with Drills

Warming-up is important before every training session – one, it helps you prevent injuries, and second, it activates your brain and prepares it for the training session. To train for soccer yourself you need to practice drills.

 Here are few drills that you can perform:

            A. Wall Drills

  • Start with a very basic drill where you hit the ball with a decent pace to the wall. Wait for the ball to bounce back; keep repeating this activity to improve your passing technique, first touch, and ball control.
  • Stand at a distance of 5-8 meters from the wall and hit the ball as hard as you can to the wall. Let the ball bounce back; the objective is to control the ball without letting it pass through your feet.
  • Pass the ball to the wall without letting it fall. Keep doing this exercise for 90 seconds till the ball falls to the ground.

            B. Stamina and dribbling Drills

  • Take three objects and place them in a manner that represents the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the clock and you in the middle of the clock. Run forward to the object in front of you and then move back to the middle. Repeat this activity with every point on your self-made clock.
  • Place two objects at a distance of 80 yards from each other. Run with 100% effort from one object to another. Take a break of 45 seconds every time to reach near the object.
  • Place 5-6 objects in a straight line, say at a distance of 6 yards from each other. First, run to the first object and move back where you started. Next, run to the second object and move back to the beginning. Keep repeating it until you reach the last object.

4.Work on your weakness

Usually, at the training, you try to impress your teammates and friends. You ignore all the things you aren’t good at, but here you are, all alone training yourself. Here you have more chances to overcome your weakness and become a better player! To continue to improve your skills, you can check out more pro guides here!

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