Sale at Real Madrid. Pérez needs 200 million euros for Mbappe

The legendary club takes risks in the transfer market. The editorial staff of has prepared an article about it for Complete Soccer Guide.

The Stubbornness of Real Madrid

The legendary Pérez is now 73 years old. He does not change his habits nor his approach to work.

Zidane is the same and maintains his ideas about the beauty of soccer, justly so. The Real Madrid coach has been leading Mbappe since childhood. He knows his parents and is actively pursuing him in the transfer market.

That said, have Zidane and Pérez prepared for the rebuild? Zinedine is not getting the players he demands. The war for Pogba is lost. Camavinga doesn’t play for Real Madrid either. Pérez doesn’t listen to Zidane and has a track record of giving easy money to players who appear to be over-valued. He has not forgiven himself for the loss of Neymar, and bringing Hazard for €160 million could be one of the biggest failures in the history of soccer if Eden does not get in shape.

Under such conditions, they are preparing the deal of the century for Mbappe’s transfer. But will Kylian make the squad for the Champions League final? There are doubts about the success of the future project.

Pérez Made Quite a Few Transfer Mistakes.

It is normal for Florentino to spend €100 or €200 million on those who have not played. The president of Real Madrid bought Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Ronaldo, and Zidane. He knew how to make incredible transfers. It was Pérez who believed in Sergio Ramos.

But there was also Woodgate’s transfer for €18.3 million, the purchase of Robinho and Coentrão, who was affected by injuries.

The reference error is Kaka. Pérez buys players without asking the head coaches. Even when the players are not bad, like Danilo, they have no place at Real Madrid. Militão, Rodrigo, Vinícius, and Reinier may also make this list.

Of course, every unsuccessful deal (purchase of James, Jovic, and Hazard) is covered by a successful one (Di Maria, Benzema, Ronaldo). But in recent years, Pérez has made too many mistakes, and this affects the condition of Real Madrid.

It is not surprising that last summer Los Blancos for the first time in 40 years did not buy a single player in the summer, only returned Kubo, Reguilón, and Ødegaard from the loan. Real Madrid were preparing for the transfer hunt this year and were saving money for the reconstruction of the Santiago Bernabeu, the project of which was estimated at €500 million.

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Zidane Doesn’t Have a Single Transfer Concept

Zinedine doesn’t know how to make clever transfers. But he knows how to be offended if he is not heard. And Pérez is always pushing, making personnel decisions. It’s been said that Veronica, the coach’s wife, personally reconciled Zinedine with Pérez, because when they parted ways they argued in part because of transfer policy.

The situation has become more difficult due to finances. They need money for the reconstruction of the stadium, and Pérez needs funds not only for the forward Mbappe. Also, the defense needs Alaba. But David is demanding a record salary. The Austrian does not think about soccer, otherwise, he would have stayed at Bayern. Pogba is also not always focused on the game. Real Madrid’s shortlist of newcomers is usually impressive with names. But the replacements for Ronaldo and Bale were never found, now they are looking for a new Ramos.

Then Modrić will retire, followed by Benzema. Everyone has seen from the example of Jovic how difficult it is to find the right young forward for Zidane’s team.

Florentino and Zinedine have proven many times that they are lucky, but transfers require thoughtfulness and the ability to look into the future. The bad thing for Real Madrid is that the transfers of Alaba and Mbappe might not be any different in practice from the deals for Jovic and Hazard. Ramos is an important player, while Mbappe is not yet ready to become the leader of a complex team.

A Generational Change at Real Madrid is Inevitable and Dangerous

The old Real Madrid are leaving and the outline of the new team remains blurred. The idea is clear: Bale, Marcelo, Isco, Ceballos, Jovic, and Diaz must be sold to raise money for Mbappe. But why did these players either not play or become cheaper, like Bale? Pérez is losing on both purchases and sales.

If Mbappe had an experienced agent instead of his father, he could offer Kylian other career options, for example, in the Premier League. Pérez and Zidane’s Real Madrid have more strategic problems than they seem.

There is no smooth, painless transition between epochs. An example of this is Barcelona now and after Piqué, Busquets and Messi leave. And also Milan and Manchester United. These clubs became championship leaders 10 and 8 years later, but have not won anything yet.

Real Madrid could lose if Pérez and Zidane chase Mbappe at any cost. Pérez is properly preparing for big purchases after a one-year break, but there are doubts that he will avoid big mistakes. This is bad for the whole of soccer, not just for a particular club.

Mbappe’s fate is the central theme of the coming years. I do not want Kylian to be Jovic, but for 200-250 million euros. Clubs also need to be able to host players. And, judging by the fate of the newcomers in recent years, it is extremely difficult to secure a place on Zidane’s team.

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