Why are Man City struggling this season?

Football has seen some spectacular collapses in form in the past. Remember when Leicester City went from being surprise Premier League champions one season to relegation candidates the next? But when a team with the class and track record of Manchester City fail to deliver, some serious questions need to be asked. In what is … Read more

Roses Rivalry Revived in December

This December will see the return of a great rivalry to the top-flight stage, with Leeds and Manchester United clashing in the Premier League for the first time in sixteen years. Teams as prolific as Manchester United seldom want for rivals, especially in the post-1992 ‘Premier League’ era of top-flight football, where the rewards for … Read more

Why Soccer is an Ideal Sport for Kids with Autism

One in 68 children in the United States have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Autism is a developmental disability that can affect a child’s ability to socialize and communicate. If your child has autism, this is why finding ways to foster these skills kindly and empathetically is key. Soccer … Read more

7 Reasons to Love Soccer

As one of the most popular games for players from all over the world, soccer is a truly international sport. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, the game never fails to fascinate you with its energy and competitive spirit. Millions of people watch the sport and cheer for their favorite teams in … Read more