Fun Ways To Get Girls Interested In Soccer

The interest in women’s soccer has grown dramatically in recent years, thanks in no small part to the success of the U.S. national team, which took home the victory at the Women’s World Cup in France (2019) and at three previous World Cups. Indeed, America is leading the way in the field, showing consistent growth and … Read more

Becoming A Part Of Soccer’s Iconic Photography History

Soccer is often called the beautiful game, and with it has come a rich tapestry of photographs that document its colorful timeline. From the iconic Bobby Moore lift to Cristiano Ronaldo biting the metal of his first international medal, a glance at the Manchester Evening News’ own soccer tier list offers a glimpse into this incredible past. Photography … Read more

Great Indoor Games Inspired By Soccer

A recent survey done by OnePoll found kids are now spending twice as much time indoors than they were twenty years ago. Spending time at home gives families the ideal opportunity to take part in some games and hobbies together, and there are lots that have been inspired by soccer. These games are not only fun, … Read more

Making Soccer Safer in the Era of New Normality

The recent experience of an amateur German soccer team that sent seven socially distant players to face a rival on the field showed that this measure probably won’t work too well for most (the COVID-19-fearing team lost 37-0). Soccer is by nature a contact sport; one in which players often have to get close together to defend … Read more

How to Develop Vision in Soccer

How to Develop Vision in Soccer

Vision is the ability to see potential passes.

For example, a player with mediocre passing ability only sees what’s directly in front of him. He passes the ball to a forward with a defender on his back.

A player with good vision will quickly scan the field and find a better pass. He sees the forward is marked tightly, looks right, sees the right winger can’t shake his man, then looks left. He sees a hole in the defense. He passes the ball through the hole into space and the left winger runs to the ball.

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