The most famous trophies in soccer

Sport is all about keeping your eye on the prize, and never more so than in soccer. Whether playing for your country or turning out for your local league team, if you play soccer, you’ll dream of lifting that trophy alongside your teammates at the end of the season. Of course, the bigger the tournament, … Read more

Playing soccer with chronic pain: is it worth it?

A survey of 100 ex-soccer players showed that 36% of them now lived with osteoarthritis, a remarkable number considering that the participants were aged between 36 and 44. Joint pain is not uncommon among players and many are at risk of developing arthritis if they do not take measures to prevent its onset.  Many soccer players have learned … Read more

The Halftime Orange — Understanding the Controversy to the Worthy Alternatives Available

Reloading during the game and at halftime with carbs, electrolytes, and fluids will not only get you through the rest of the game, but will help delay fatigue and with recovery, too. While ideal snack options include watermelon slices and fruit bars, many athletes may enjoy orange slices at halftime, too. However, the tradition of eating … Read more