Blending Up Some Optimal Soccer Nutrition

Athletes are always searching for ways to find a competitive edge, with nutrition being a crucial element of athletic efficacy. But which foods and drinks are the most desirable for an athlete? And how are you going to consume all these performance boosters before the big match? It turns out a blender and a handful of healthful … Read more

The Arch Rivals Are at It Again: Man United to Face Liverpool on October 20th

The Man United vs Liverpool Rivalry Soccer fans all over the world know that the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool runs deep. They’ve been clashing for several Premier Leagues in a row and their recent clash is underway this Sunday. Liverpool is in much better shape this season but both teams have die-hard fans … Read more

The Biggest and Best Soccer Tournaments

Soccer is one of the most-loved sports in the world, offering the largest spectator numbers across the globe. While the likes of basketball, baseball and football can be exciting, there is something about soccer that triggers emotion and passion inside a fan that few sports can replicate. If you would like to immerse yourself in … Read more

Which Team Is Most Likely To Win The 2019/20 Premier League?

The 2019/20 Premier League season is now underway, and the first handful of games has already provided plenty of excitement, action and controversy. We’ve had VAR overturning goals, Chelsea slipping right down to the bottom end of the table, and teams like Liverpool and Manchester City showing the form and commitment that you would expect … Read more

Can Man City Make It 3 in a Row?

Manchester City

The English Premier League is arguably one the most competitive football leagues in the world, but for two seasons in a row – Manchester City has been able to dominate it. In the 2017-18 season, Man City was able to claim the title comfortably with 100 points in the bag. Of the 36 games played, … Read more

Want to Improve as a Soccer Winger? Look to Emulate These Stars

One of the most popular soccer positions for young players is down the flanks, and superstars like Arjen Robben and Ronaldo have made playing in that area look incredible. Quality wingers need to possess searing speed to get past defenders, exquisite skill to cut inside, and masterful vision to whip in crosses. If you want … Read more

Supplements for Soccer Players

About this Article “Supplements for Soccer Players” is an opinion piece written by a guest author. It in no way reflects the opinion of Complete Soccer Guide. That said, it presents an important topic regarding supplements and their role in our game. I believe the analysis is thoughtful irrespective of where you may or may … Read more