The Arch Rivals Are at It Again: Man United to Face Liverpool on October 20th

The Man United vs Liverpool Rivalry

Soccer fans all over the world know that the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool runs deep. They’ve been clashing for several Premier Leagues in a row and their recent clash is underway this Sunday. Liverpool is in much better shape this season but both teams have die-hard fans at their back who will infinitely boost their morale so the question that football fans will ask themselves is: Will the Liverpool add another win to their streak or will the Red Devils deal them their first loss?

Man United vs Liverpool: Who’s Favored?

If you visit any online sportsbook you’ll see that the odds are in Liverpool’s favor. Whether it’s Matchbook, NoviBet, Betway or any other sportsbook, they’re all giving Liverpool a better chance of winning which is a nightmare if you’re Man United fan. If you look at recent statistics, however, you’ll see that United hasn’t been doing so well this Premier League.

Man United

They started pretty well by defeating Chelsea with 4 goals. Then they clashed with Wolverhampton Wanderers and it turned out they were an even match. After the draw, their first defeat by Crystal Palace followed, another draw with Southampton and a win against Leicester City. They lost to West Ham United and didn’t manage to score a goal against them and faced Arsenal, a match that again ended as a draw. Newcastle dealt them their third defeat which proves that United are in a bad shape this season. Without Anthony Martial, the team will do what it has to keep up.


Liverpool, on the other hand, has been in great shape this League. They started their winning streak by demolishing Norwich City and carried on by defeating Southampton, Arsenal, Burnley, Newcastle United, Chelsea, Sheffield United and finally Leicester City. Despite losing Alisson to a calf injury in August, Liverpool will have its amazing goalkeeper back when they most need him when facing their old enemy – Manchester United. Both teams have been at it a few times in a row and the matches have ended up with either team dominating the other or by a draw. The defeats they faced from the other team never broke their spirits so they will always give their best when playing against each other.

Clash of the Rivals

These football teams with both good and bad moments in their football history will battle yet again on Sunday the 20th of October. It’s plain to see that with 3 losses, 3 draws and 2 wins are not in the condition they had been before. If they’re looking to add another win to their score for this League they need to find their fighting spirit fast and make sure they bring all their luck and skill when facing Liverpool.

However, Liverpool is in top shape and all the odds are in their favor. They’ve had 8 steady wins and since they’re had the discipline to keep on winning they will try to keep up that discipline until the end of the League. Liverpool won’t show Manchester United any mercy next Sunday and fans will love it.  

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