Soccer Injuries Guide

No matter how imune you think you are, you will get injured.  It is something that almost every soccer player will have to face at some point.  Never think you are alone when it happens.  I can’t give you any actual injury advice since I am not a doctor.  However, I will give you the most important part:  mental advice.

I have been injured many many times.  Most were just small injuries but some took me away from the game for more almost a year.  I know how bad it is to be injured.

Common Soccer Injuries List

Soccer can injure almost any part of the body.  However, here are some common soccer injuries that you can look out for:

  • Knee:  Acl (very common amoung girls), miniscus, minor tears and brusing, tentinidus.  The knee will take punishment in soccer.  It is important to be strong there.
  • Ankle: Tentinidus, sprains, little injuries.  Luckily, the ankle doesn’t keep players out for very long for the most part.  However, the constant turning of it causes tentinidus in many players.
  • Groin:  Pulled or strained groin.  Make sure that you stretch the groin.  Suprisenly it is an overlooked stretch.
  • Hamsting:  Pulled or strained.  Hamstring is very painful and can caue a player to be out for a while.  It can be prevented as long as the hamstring is loose not tight.  You need to stretch this a ton.  This is probally one of the most stretched areas.

Soccer Injury Prevention

Stretch, stretch, stretch.  As a soccer player you have to be very flexible.  Stretch before often, expesially before games and practices.  You can make a stretching rotine that works commonly injured muscles.

You should also warm up before playing whether you are playing a game, at a practice, or practicing at home.  You should also make a good warm up rotiene that gets the body warmed up.

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