How to Choose Your Position in Soccer

When you tryout for a team the coach will often ask “what’s your position?”

It’s possible to play many positions, but as you grow as a player you should specialize in one or two.

Choosing one or two positions will make you more effective on the pitch for two reasons:

  1. You can focus on the skills most valuable for your position
  2. You can play that position every game, so you will improve rapidly

How to choose your position

Choosing a position is usually a hard, long process, but we’ve made it easy.

Here are 3 steps to choosing your ideal position:

1. Determine your top 3 skills

Get out a piece of paper and write down your top three skills (physical attributes such as speed count).

Take some time to think about them and – if possible – get a teammate or coach to help you pick.

2. Read an overview of each position

Read our article of every position on The Complete Soccer Guide:

Every article discusses the most important skills for that position.

There are variations on each position, but the key attributes remain largely the same.

Consult the list you made in step one.

Which of your top three traits fit most with a position?

You should find one or two positions that suit you the best. If necessary add two more skills to your “top skills list.”

3. Try the position

Once you’ve found a good fit, start playing as that position.

Spend a decent amount of time playing it as you need to get accustomed to the position before making a decision.

If you love the position, stick with it. If you feel that you may be better in a different position, try it out.

These three steps aren’t perfect, but they should point you in the right direction.

What next?

Discovering your ideal position is vital to your development as a player.

Now you can study professional players that play your position to get a better understanding on how to play well. You can also focus on the skills that are most important for your position.

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