The Complete Soccer Guide is a website dedicated to improving player’s skills and attitude towards soccer.  Throughout the site, you will find in-depth, easy to read, guides that include pictures and videos.  All of these guides include every reasonable tidbit of information that can make the guide better.

It is through the community that The Complete Soccer Guide can function.  I am a good soccer player but am far from the most knowledgeable.  Together, we can create the greatest soccer website ever known.  Every players with access to a computer will be able to greatly improve their game.

About Jake O’Callaghan

Jake O’Callaghan is a 16 year old soccer player with years of experience and knowledge with all aspects of the game.  He is constantly training, learning, and living the game of soccer.

Why I Made This SIte

I made The Complete Soccer Guide because I am tired of players reaching a peak in their game, and failing to improve much.  This happens when a player trains and plays for a while and becomes an advancing player.

So many advancing players find it hard to improve because they never learned the basics; they never learned the technical skills necessary to perform.

Sure players pick up tidbits of information here and there, but most of there learning is done through trial-and-error.  For example, a player that doesn’t know how to perform a shot will naturally tweak his shot till it gets stronger.

Trial-and-error doesn’t teach players what they need to know, and this is the reason for this peak in performance.

I created this site to help serious players get over this frustrating peak, and become advanced players.  Once you become an advanced player, a player who does every technique correctly and has the techniques in muscle memory.

You can use this site to learn the proper techniques, and with proper training you will become an advanced player.

On another note, I created this site to help inform people about soccer, and allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful game.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of The Complete Soccer Guide is simple: we want you learn about soccer and we want you to have fun learning and playing the game.

We teach through guides.  Guides are a complete information on a subject.  While other sites provide articles (usually around 500 words long) we provide all the information that is related to that subject.  Read the guide and you won’t miss any important information.

We also provide videos (coming soon) to allow you to better understand what we are teaching you.

We hope that this site improves the game of every player, helps coaches, and soccer parents.